Thursday, 28 December 2006

Olga Sviblova not to attend

Olga Sviblova

We received the following email from Moscow:
Dear All,
I hope you have nice Christmas holidays. Regarding the meeting of the EMOP members in Luxembourg, unfortunately
Olga's Sviblova will not be able to attend it this time. We have a big exhibition opening in Moscow of the 25th January and Olga will definitely need to be here for the installation and the opening. She is really sorry about such situation and would appreciate if you could inform us on the results of this meeting. With best wishes to you for the New Year 2007 from Olga Sviblova and the Moscow House of Photography team!
Mikhail Krasnov, "Moscow House of Photography"

Prochaine réunion du Mois européen de la photographie

La prochaine réunion du Mois européen de la photo aura lieu au Luxembourg le 23 & 24 janvier au Centre de rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster. Seront présents Jean-Luc Monterosso, Barbara Wolffer et Carole Prat ( Paris ), Thomas Friedrich, Oliver Baetz et Kathrin Kohle ( Berlin ), Zuzanna Lapitkova ( Bratislava ) , Thomas Licek, Marie Gouriano et Gunda Achleitner ( Vienne ) Emiliano Paoletti ( Rome ). On attend la confirmation de Olga Sviblova ( Moscou ). Du côté luxembourgeois, on aura Paul Di Felice, Pierre Stiwer et Sneja Dobrosavljevic.

Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Vienna opening

The image of the 2006 "Month of Photography" in Vienna was a real eyecatcher. Based on a work by young Austrian photographer Anja Manfredi more than 3000 posters were distributed during November, and 200 "City-lights" (photo) covered prestigious spaces all over the town.

sneja's new job

This is to inform you that our press officer sneja dobrosavljevic has recently accepted a job as media adviser for the ministry of health. She will continue to assist our association in 2007.

Berlin Opening. The Hotel

Originally uploaded by xpierre_1999.
Picture of the Raddison Hotel lobby; most uf us stayed at this nice hotel quite near the Town Hall where the meetings where; yoou just had to cross the street. Opening in Berlin was on November 2nd 2006 at the Gropius Bau. Big attendance.

Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Ouverture du Mois européen de la photo Luxembourg

L'ouverture du Mois européen de la photographie a eu lieu au Luxembourg le 14 octobre 2006. Quatorze musées, insititutions et galeries privées avaient consacré leurs espaces à la photographie contemporaine.
L'exposition principale eut lieu au Casino Luxembourg, Forum d'art contemporain et à la Chapelle du Rham. Ont été exposés au Casino Philippe Ramette ( France ) et le groupe russe ( AES+F ). On a montré à la Chapelle du Rham l'allemande Beate Gütschow, le slovaque Marek Kvetan, la viennoise Nina Dick et l'italienne Eva Frapiccini. Les deux artistes luxembourgeois ont été les soeurs Elisabeth et Carine Krecké.
Un catalogue important est édité par Contrasto ( Rome ) avec l'appui d'Alcatel, sponsor de l'événement.
35 artistes/photographes avaient été préselectionnés. Les expositions dans 7 capitales européennes ( Beerlin, Bratislava, Luxembourg, Moscou, Rome, Paris et Vienne ont lieu en 2006, respectivement en 2007.

Sunday, 5 November 2006

Opening in Berlin

Opening in Berlin took place at the Gropius Bau with a great attendance on Thursday November 2d. Pictures show exhibition space 1 with the works of the Russian artists group AESF; Frenchman Philippe Ramette being interviewed by German TV. All the artists had been invited: another picture shows Luxembourg artists and twin sisters Carine and Elisabeth Krecké, Viennese artist Nina Dick as well as Eva Frapiccini, Italy, with curator Paul Difelice from Luxembourg. It was the seconf time that Berlin hosted the Europäischer Monat des Fotografie after 2004.

Friday, 2 June 2006

Preparatory meeting in Vienna in May 2006. You may see from left to right: Anna Gianesini ( Rome ), Zuzanna Lapitkova ( Bratislava ) Emiliano Paoletti ( Rome ), Thomas Licek ( Vienna ) , Thomas Friedrich ( Berlin ), Paul Difelice ( Luxembourg ), Jean-Luc Monterosso ( Paris ) . The meeting took place in Vienna.