Friday, 17 May 2013

Emop meeting in Luxembourg: April 2013

Emop members met in Luxembourg on April 24/25th to discuss further projects and the next common exhibition ( subject still pending ); the new statutes were discussed and hopefully will be signed by all on the next meeting in Paris in July. After the opening of "Disturbances" at the Musée national d'Art et d'Histoire, The Abbaye de Neumunster hosted the meeting. Guest were Stavros Moresopoulos and son from Athens who are interested in joining the group.
Upper Row: M. Colner ( Ljubljana), G. Achleitner ( Vienna ), Z. Szamody ( Budapest ),B. Koklesova ( Bratislava), Th. Licek ( Vienna ), M. Bosakova ( Bratislava), B. Ecker ( Vienna ), O. Baetz ( Berlin ), P. diFelice ( Luxbg ), I. Wagner ( Berlin ), St. Moresopoulos ( Athens ); Lower Row. G. Uhl ( Budapest), P. Stiwer ( Luxbg.) JL Soret ( Paris ), B. Wolffer ( Paris ), S. Moresopoulos ( Athens )