Thursday, 7 June 2007

Emop Team

Emop Team watching videos to select the artists to be in the show.

Emop Team

Emop team, from left to right: Anna Gianesini ( Rome ), Thomas Licek ( Vienna ) , Paul DiFelice ( Luxbg, ), Zuzanna Lapitkova ( Bratislava ), Berthold Ecker ( Vienna ) and Kathrin Kohle ( Berlin ); Jean-Luc Monteross ( Paris, not in the picture ) had to leave earlier.
Olga Sviblova could not attend, she was curating the Russian pavillion at the Venice Biennale.

Rome meeting successfull

The summer meeting of the Emop Team in Rome proved more succesfull than expected. Although there were fears about the concept of the next exhibition ( Mutations 2 ), a two-day conference allowed for an in depth discussion about what was meant by an exhibition being about photographers but including video.
Picture shows the beautiful parc around the Zone Attive offices near Porta Ardeatina.