Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Zuzanna thinks...about this blog

Have been away (Houston -FotoFest) last week. So I am really surprised about a sudden boom of exchange.
To the blog idea - I do not want to sound pesimistic but it will only work if there is somebody as Pierre and Thomas willing to make it live. I would not expect everybody of us to contribute because it has never happened before - and coming back from the Festival of Light meeting (another network) I can only that say we are not the only proof that an active involvement of a majority is not realistic. I am personally out of breath fullfilling only our long-term tasks.
I support the idea of having an exciting, flashy ... whatever presentation on internet, but first I do not have an idea how it should look like and second I cannot promise I will contribute regularly - there is already a website I have to update once a month - this is just what I can manage to do.
What I am trying to say that our network, just as any other such network, is destined to either have somebody eager to do it or we have to accept that we are only able to run a website that can be changed and updated only a few times a year.

I am sorry particularly for Pierre and Thomas who seem really excited about these kind of gadgets (you can see their eyes sparkling - just like some years ago in front of Xmas tree). This is just to say that I am not able to keep up with you in this. Now we have two options - an almost dead website and a blog a bit more alive. Can we look at it realistic next meeting and say honestly what we are all able to support?

Monday, 17 March 2008

What is Emop ?

Short video statement on the European Month of photography project.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Exhibitions and locations 2008/09

Main exhibition spaces of the European Month of photography.
This list is just being started and far from complete. More information will be added as the next events are scheduled october-november 2008 ( Berlin, Bratislava, Paris and Vienna) and spring 2009 ( Luxembourg, Moscow and Rome )

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