Friday, 13 May 2011

Venue at Casino Luxembourg, Forum d'Art contemporain

A huge picture of Catherine Val is about to be finished minutes before the opening of the exhibition " Second Lives: Jeux masqués et autres Je" at Casino Luxembourg featuring 24 artists whose work is about identity, roles, models and avatars.
More info on this event can be found here. Nearly all artists were present ( and many more international guests) at a nice dinner offered by Jo Cox managing director of this famous exhibition hall.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Conference at Clairefontaine gallery

Gallery owner Marita Ruiter had invited a pannel of photographers and representatives of some major institutions to discuss the situation of photography in Luxembourg at the occasion of an exhibition by photographer Michel Medinger.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Vernissage Arsenal Metz

Christian Gattinoni, professeur en l'Ecole photographique d'Arles, présente son expositition Modèles-Danse à l'Arsenal de Metz. Pour la première fois, le Mois européen de la photo au Luxembourg s'étend à une ville voisine. M Jean-François Ramon, directeur de l'Arsenal, connaît très bien le Luxembourg. Il y a été directeur du Centre culturel français il y a quelques années.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Opening of the Braco Dimitrijevic exhibition in Luxembourg

Braco Dimitrijevic, one of the pioneers of conceptual art. He has participated in major group shows such as the Kassel Documenta 5. Documenta 6, Documenta 9, several times at the Venice Biennale. Dimitrijevic gained an international reputation in the seventies with his Casual passer-by series, in which gigantic photo portraits of anonymous people were displayed on prominent facades and billboards in European and American cities. The artist also mimicked other ways of glorifying important persons by building monuments to passers-by and installing memorial plaques in honour of anonymous citizens. 
The Museum of Art and History in Luxembourg ( MNHA ) has been partner of the European Month of Photography for 6 years now. The Museum hosts two more exhibitions on photography: Memories of ancient Egypt ( Travel photography of the 19th century: Dan Kyram collection, Jerusalem ) and an Edward Steichen exhibition ( collection of the Museum )

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Catalogue of the third edition

Vienna meeting: Is Emop to continue ?

Most important meeting in Vienna on February 2nd and 3d 2011 to assess the situation. Politics interfere in Moscow ( a new mayor ) and Rome ( severe budget cuts in cultural affairs )  and this will probably push out these two cities. During the meeting the remaining five ( Berlin, Bratislava, Paris, Vienna and Luxembourg ) expressed their intention to continue working together. The subject for the next exhibition was already chosen : how does reality and fiction coexist in photography ?
New membership was also discussed. Budapest, Ljubljana and London had their representatives introduced to the board and gave interesting insights into their photo festivals. A charter will be worked out.