Friday, 2 November 2007

Paris meeting in october

Members of the Emop Team during a break the second day of the meeting in Paris on october 6th. This time we settled for a more restricted number of artists to be in the 2008 and 2009 shows. But there were no final decisions taken yet and the look ( and feel ) of the next Mutations exhibition is still pending. Major topics were not addressed as this was a curators meeting focusing on the concept of the Mutations2 exhibition. Hopefully the Bratislava meeting next January will come up with more precise indications about the Internet site, the exhibition catalogue and DVD.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Mutations I - opening in Vienna on September 6, 2007

It was a rainy and cold evening outside, but the atmosphere inside was warm and friendly. Starting with a preview and introduction to the exhibition by photo theorist Ruth Horak and ending hours later with wine and Sachertorte, the opening at the MUSA was a wonderful final for the first common exhibition of the "European Month of Photography".

We had the pleasure to welcome many of the artists as well as partners and friends from the cities: standing from the left - Zuzana Lapitková (Month of Photography, Bratislava), Marie Gouriano, Thomas Licek (both Month of Photography, Vienna), Eva Frapiccini (artist, Rome), Berthold Ecker, Gunda Achleitner, Roland Fink (all Cultural Department of the City of Vienna), Nina Dick (artist, Vienna); sitting from the left: Philippe Ramette (artist, Paris), Carine Krecké (artist, Luxembourg), Barbara Wolffer (Maison Europeénne de la Photographie, Paris), Elisabeth Krecké (artist, Luxembourg), Pierre Stiwer (Café Creme, Luxembourg)

Monday, 2 July 2007

Next Emop Meeting to be held in Paris

Berthold Ecker ( Vienna ) was pleased to hear that the next Emop Meeting is going to be held in Paris on October 5th and 6th. This meeting should come up with a final selection of artists to be in the show in 2008 and 2009. Luxembourg is still not sure to have its Months of photography scheduled in fall / winter 2008 and prefers spring ( march ) 2009 in order to comply with a request of the Casino Luxembourg, Forum d'art contemporain which will host a major exhibition curated by Paul Difelice and Pierre Stiwer.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007


Post-viewing discussion on the presented works.
Paul di Felice, Zuzana Lapitkova, Berthold Ecker, Kathrin Kohle, Pierre Stiwer (from left)

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Emop Team

Emop Team watching videos to select the artists to be in the show.

Emop Team

Emop team, from left to right: Anna Gianesini ( Rome ), Thomas Licek ( Vienna ) , Paul DiFelice ( Luxbg, ), Zuzanna Lapitkova ( Bratislava ), Berthold Ecker ( Vienna ) and Kathrin Kohle ( Berlin ); Jean-Luc Monteross ( Paris, not in the picture ) had to leave earlier.
Olga Sviblova could not attend, she was curating the Russian pavillion at the Venice Biennale.

Rome meeting successfull

The summer meeting of the Emop Team in Rome proved more succesfull than expected. Although there were fears about the concept of the next exhibition ( Mutations 2 ), a two-day conference allowed for an in depth discussion about what was meant by an exhibition being about photographers but including video.
Picture shows the beautiful parc around the Zone Attive offices near Porta Ardeatina.

Monday, 28 May 2007

Rome meeting

Next meeting of the Emop team is scheduled in Rome on June 4th and 5th. This is mainly a curators meeting. Topics to be discussed are restricted to the concept of the next exhibition ( Mutations 2 ). As it was said, mainly photographers who do also video work are going to be part of this exhibition. In order to avoid a video exhibition, the artistic concept should be refined so as to not drift away from photography as it is normally understood.

Friday, 26 January 2007

"Mutations I" in Berlin closed recently

Dear all,
back in a cold and snowy Berlin we are sending you some pictures of "Mutations I" at the Martin-Gropius-Bau (november 2nd, 2006 - january 7th, 2007) for our new EMOP website.
It was nice to see you all in Luxembourg, many thanks to Pierre and Paul for the organisation - et bien sûr pour votre accueil!
Hope to see you all in Rome in springtime,
pictures show entrance hall of the Martin Gropius Bau as well as an installation shot of Beate Gütschow, Berlin

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Emop meeting closes successfully

Second day of the Emop meeting in Luxembourg achieved greater coherence in defining the goals of the next common exhibition in 2008. It was decided to illustrate the mutations taking place in photography by including mainly artists whose work is combining video or other media techniques. The Mutations 2 exhibition will include participants from the seven member countries ( 3 artists selected per country ): Besides every city's curator and / or a guest curator will chose 5 artists of the remaining European countries ( 7x5 ). Out of this pool of 56 artists, a jury will select up to 14 artists to be part of the Mutations II exhibition to take place in Berlin, Bratislava, Luxembourg, Paris and Vienna in 2008, Moscow and Rome in 2009.

Image shows Berlin's Kathrin Kohle discussing things with Carole Pratt head of cultural exchange of the City of Paris

Emop 2008 opening meeting in Luxembourg

On Tuesday 23d the Centre de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster in Luxembourg hosted the first conference of the the Emop team for 2007 . All members assisted with the exception of Thomas Friedrich ( Berlin ) and Berthold Ecker ( Vienna ). Olga Sviblova ( Moscow ) could not attend either. The conference started with discussions about the new concept of the 2008 exhibition. It was decided to include video-art of photographers and to build the exhibition around a mixed media concept. It is still not settled whether the Mutations 2 exhibition will be video only or include photographers working in a "traditional" way.

Image shows Barbara Wolffer, managing director of Paris' Maison européenne de la photo with Marie Gouriano ( Vienna )
A more relaxed relationship in the evening at El Notaro restaurant between Sneja Dobrosavljevic ( Café-Crème's press officer) and Kathrin Kohle ( Berlin )