Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Catalogue of the 2006 edition

Catalogue published in 2006 by Contrasto Editore ( Rome ) and the European Month of photography.The catalogue has 160 pages and presents the work of 35 European photographers. Text in English and booklets in French, German, Italian and Slovak. Catalogue designed by A|Part Luxembourg. The European Month of Photography is sponsored by Alcatel.

Berlin is hosting the next meeting

Berlin will host the next meeting of the Emop team where final decisions will be made concerning the concept of the main exhibition ( Mutations 2 ), the catalogue, DVD and Web site. Unfortunately, Rome can not attend because of a very tight schedule. We will try to set up web conferencing to allow Anna or Emiliano to take part in the discussions. Steps were taken to speed up decision making; we all are aware that international collaboration need to adapt strategies to make things move on.